Designing Your Website For Different Shoppers

eCommerce_SiteDesignEach customer in visiting the e-commerce page is unique. Some users visit the website with a particular product in mind while others are visiting to just browse. Each and every element included in the website should appeal to different users and make them stay hooked to the website. This includes product images, descriptions, the different categories in the page, shopping cart layout, etc. Therefore, the key to a successful ecommerce website design lies in the fundamental design itself. Designing these pages keeping in mind the different customers that visit will help a great deal. This improves the appeal of the website and the customers might end up buying something even if their objective is to browse. There are different types of shoppers online. Here are some of them:

Product Conscious Customers
These customers know what they are looking for on the website. These are the type of people that already own a similar product and are looking for alternatives. They have already performed a short research on the available products and what to buy. These customers go to the extent of visiting the shops to check out the price and discounts available there. Therefore, they have a fair idea about the price and what comes along with it. These shoppers are not interested in browsing through the website. They just want to buy a particular product and leave. These customers won’t require product descriptions also as they already have all the information that is required.

Some don’t look at product descriptions at all. A quick look at the name and picture confirms that the product is the right one and they’ll buy it. The key item to impress these customers is the speed of the website. They should get access to the products they want at east without having to search too much. Even if there is an opportunity to save more on a different product, they might end up buying what they wanted. For these customers, each product has to be detailed with pictures and streamlined method for checking out impress them a lot.

Browsing Only
These are customers who visit websites for the purpose of killing time or checking out any new products that might inspire them. They generally dream of what purchases they can make in future and they prepare themselves. Even though the possibility that they would buy something is less, customers who browse know more information such as information about the company and brand. By including the right mix of visual techniques, websites can be made interactive.

They might even recommend your website to their friends. Browsing customers are generally interested in what the latest trend is and what is popular and what items are on sale. Providing them suggested products option can be very helpful for these types of customers. An option to share products they like on the social media or email might be a good choice for these customers. They keep checking the websites to see if there have been any changes in the categories they checked out last week.

Understanding customer’s pulse is one of the major components of any business. E-commerce is no different. Designing pages keeping in mind these customers will get better viewership and sales for the website.

Amaya Launches its Sports Betting Product in Selected Markets

pokiesAmaya is the leading provider of tears’ official arrival in selected jurisdictions. The domains this Amaya product will be available on are, and, as well as iOS and Android apps. The BetStars platform will be powered by Amelco who power Betfair, William Hill and Maybe among other large sportsbooks.The Sportsbook will offer wagers on 25 sports to star with. However, there will be no horse racing option which will be a little disappointing for the UK audience. In 2016 Amaya plans to reach half of pokerstars current customer base with the product by the end of 2016 and will be augmenting this customer acquisition with an external customer acquisition campaign in the first half of 2016.

In its Q3 earnings report, Amaya announced that its sports betting vertical had negligible revenue despite growth in until Q3. The vertical had acquired just 100,000 players. However, with the launch of a specific platform for Sports betting we should see this all change.Amaya also suggests that it can compete in the UK if it can convince a small portion of its poker players at PokerStars to play onsite as opposed to with the bigger Sports betting specific brands.

Amaya is the world’s biggest publicly traded online gaming company announced that The Nasdaq Stock Market LLC had approved the listing of its common shares on The Nasdaq Global Select Market. Trading commenced in mid 2015 under the symbol “AYA”. technology-based global gaming solutions.  Amaya owns and operates through its subsidiaries gaming and related interactive entertainment businesses.In laymans terms Amaya operates online poker games and tournaments, branded poker rooms in popular casinos gloablly, live poker competitions, and online and television audience based poker programs. The brands included in Amaya’s portfolio include PokerStars, Full Tilt, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Latin American Poker Tour, European Poker Tour, and Asia Pacific Poker Tour.Amaya has recently targeted growth into other online gaming verticals and this sportsbook is one of these ventures.


Other great news for Amaya is that PokerStars has plans to launch sports betting in Denmark. PokerStars’ existing online casino license in Denmark will be allowed to continue offering poker and casino games. In 2016, Pokerstars plans to launch Sports Betting on this license and then Casino games. and operate globally under licenses from the Isle of Man and Malta. PokerStars additionally holds individual government licenses in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

On a personal note we think that the most impressive fact about Amaya is that it managed to buy the rational group. Amaya had $150 Million in Revenues. Amaya had $1 billion. Yet the Amaya executive team managed to pull off an all cash deal to buy Rational which included the Pokerstars brand.


Step Into The Magic World Of Anime Fighting Games

Fighting games, while you likely have recognized and graphics which are mainly centered on animations and figures, are fighting games. They’re being performed by huge numbers of people all over the world and therefore are separated by subgenres: game games, informal games, role playing games (also called RPG) and strategy games.

Anime Arena – This game may be the supreme role fighting inside it and playing sport that includes motion. It’s a vibrant environment along with excellent artwork and you will find countless anime figures that you combat and can perform as. The fights within the sport participating and are intense – you’ll have plenty of abilities that are amazing to utilize when the fighting and also fighting is not slow and saturated in motion. Anime Industry is surely game and a fun, and you’ll quickly end up enjoying with it all night.

Fighters’ Master – within this game you’ll have six game settings that’ll offer you extended hours of enjoyment and fun. You are able to play alone in one single-fight style for just one on-one fights, you are able to play on group-fight style to get a traditional three on three-game-play, you are able to play on countless style to beat as numerous opponents as you can with one character and much more. Using the game’s various settings you could be guaranteed to truly have a long lasting expertise and satisfaction, so The Master of Practitioners may be the game for you if youare searching for fighting activities.

Importance of 3D Technology in Gaming

As more builders change towards the technology 3D games are actually increasing popularity. The very first 3 measurement engineering was launched in 1987 now the engineering has enhanced and it is no further limited to video games. As the price has reduced greatly the technology has increased since that time. Computers are becoming much more effective and more affordable. Consequently they’re reinforced nicely to deal with 3D. 3D technology has taken this type of revolution within our lives. 3D gaming isn’t any question the following big issue. You’ll learn its recognition should you browse around. 3D technology in gaming’s benefits are:

Level of vision

Among the advantages of 3D gaming may be the depthoffield. It offers a long perspective for activities, providing a clear and easy target. That is especially great if you have perhaps a name having a unique, powerful visual design or a 2D software game. The 3D character can be an impression our eyes are far more applied to. We remain a much better possibility of identifying the distinction between your forefront and history considering we’re 3-dimensional creatures. Consequently, it creates understanding what we’re considering easier.


3D gaming offers immersion’s additional advantage. That is in lighting in attempting to achieve a feeling of engagement using the challenges activities have experienced. While people understand they’re enjoying with a game title, while being extremely conscious, the knowledge is usually significantly decreased. The technology provides something which is somewhat more practical. Atleast you will find on where the display involves a finish, producing the truth to destroy in less limitations.